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Excavating Wounds

Everyone has wounds.  You cannot escape life without getting hurt emotionally, physically or mentally. It is a part of life.  But if you chose not to heal the wound, it will negatively affect the quality of your life and will rob you of energy.

Most people don’t want to talk about their wounds, but there is a process of healing that occurs when you are willing to release the pain and begin the journey to wholeness.  Wounds can occur in childhood, adolescences or adulthood.  To heal them, we need to excavate their roots or they will continue to grow and manifest as anger, anxiety and depression.

There are many theories on psychotherapy and healing.  One theory reports that if we do not process the trauma or wound, it will stay in our energy field (emotionally, mentally or physically) and can later metastasize into a physical problem or illness.  Talking and writing assist in releasing the wound and ignites the healing process, shifting it out of the body (physical which affects emotional and mental).

Everyone struggles with everyday stressors and past traumas, but you are not meant to carry these wounds for a lifetime.  Be kind to yourself, begin the healing process and excavate old painful experiences and traumas out of your system, so that you can live a happier, lighter life in the present.