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Goodbye my Sweet

Sugar has proven to be as addictive as Cocaine but is commonly consumed worldwide.  Going off of sugar creates withdrawal symptoms and can be challenging, but research has linked sugar with many health problems and diseases.  For some of us, the effects are more harmful than others as some people experience a depressed mood, brain fog, low/high blood sugars, irritability, sleepiness and nagging cravings.

Here is John’s story about how he recently gave up years of soda addiction, which has left him with more energy, weight loss, and feeling overall better about himself.  John is a Freelance Trainer for Autism with an interest in alternative therapies.

“I have had an addiction to sugar for years and have used sugar as a way to control stress, but I also knew that going through withdrawals added to my stress levels too.  I have had many failed attempts at trying to reduce the number of sodas that I drank daily, but then an internal switch went on, and I realized that sugar was destroying my life.”

John goes on to say, “There are no quick fixes, as it took me over a month with serious withdrawal symptoms.”  John also explained that the word he focused on each day was, “Determination”.

“Sugar is very addictive.  Often times, we do not even recognize this until we begin to stop consuming sugar.”

Below is John’s recommendation to help assist with the detox process for soda.  John reports that this drink is a healthy option to soda cravings and has helped him lose weight and manage overall cravings.  He has also intermittently fasted but recommends that you check with your doctor before attempting to fast or make major diet changes.  John also said that reducing sugar was the beginning of his journey and that intermittent fasting helped him burn fat and lose weight.

John’s Lemon Lime Recipe:

Squeeze 1/2 fresh organic lemon and 1/2 fresh organic lime into a pint glass of water. Add some lemon and lime zest and drink up!

The World of Mangoes

Honey Mangoes

My mango adventure began when I arrived in Naples, Florida.  I was excited to find several nearby mango trees and impatiently waited for them to ripen.

I then discovered in a local grocery store, Honey Mangoes.  Not only are honey mangoes delicious, but they actually do taste like honey, a wonderfully sweet and refreshing new food to add to my diet!

Honey Mango Coconut Milk Smoothie

Add the following ingredients into a food processor or blender:

1 or 2 chopped honey mangoes

2 cups coconut milk

1 cup coconut yogurt

1 cup of ice cubes and blend

Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg on top

Feel free to have fun exploring and changing ingredients!