The Road to Healing

The path to healing begins for many in different ways. For me, when I feel distressed, overwhelmed or overworked, I take a trip. Some of my favorite trips have been hiking excursions in different parts of the world with complete strangers, with other’s who share the same passion for adventure.

When you get out of your own world, you experience a newness that ushers in positive energy. Even if only for a few days, a new place, new environment, new surroundings will take you out of your present day problems or issues and provide a much needed escape.

Taking an adventure trip is not about avoiding your problems, as running away never solves anything, but allowing yourself some space, provides time to give yourself a healthy distance from them, in a way that brings new insight and a new perspective.

For me, the healing beings with a new trip. My first solo trip to Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon with strangers was completely filed with fear and trepidation, but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. Now, for me, the path to healing literally begins with a new trip, a new adventure, a new road, one that leads me back to myself, and back to my heart.

The road in life can become bumpy at times, but why not ride the bumps through the desert, the mountains or through valleys. Life is meant to be lived. We cannot escape sorrow or troubles, but we can learn how to get through them in a healing way that brings us joy and happiness.

Where is your path leading you?