The Energy of Success

One thing all successful leaders have in common is that they ooze positive energy.  I’m not talking about physical energy here, but another type of energy, that when we are in their presence we feel happy, excited and motivated.

We like the way these leaders make us feel, and we want to feel the same way.  We leave their workshops and seminars feeling motivated and in high spirits but eventually the positive energy leaves and we are again feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or depleted.

We find ourselves stuck in dead-end careers and mundane lives, but if we learn how to become aware of our energy, both thoughts, and behaviors, we can then make some serious life changes.

Begin the day by setting an intention to become aware of your thought patterns and recognize where you are losing power.  Negative or destructive thoughts often lead to a lack of happiness and a loss of motivation and/or passion for life.  Begin to look at what leaves you feeling heavy, unmotivated and tired.  These are the areas in your life that need to change.  Then look at the areas of your life where you feel energized, happy and excited.  These are the areas of your life that leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and happy.  Learn to identify where you focus your energy and then you can learn the process of shifting your thoughts from negative to positive to become more in harmony or alignment with what you truly desire.  It can take time to change lifelong patterns, but if you persist, you will succeed.

The good news is that the energetics of life can be changed and altered at any time.  You are not destined to lead a life of unhappiness.  Recognize that if you are feeling drained, depressed or unmotivated, that your energy is not being utilized properly and that you have the power to create the life that you want!

Mental health issues should be addressed with a mental health professional, but everyone benefits from a good dose of positive energy, positive thoughts, and behaviors that lead us out of our own negative patterns and into a life that energetically leaves us not only feeling great but living a life of purpose.