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Hiking to a New You!

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April, 2018

This adventure workshop addresses change and transition while hiking through beautiful Havasu Falls. Often during times of life transitions, whether it’s through grief and loss, divorce, career change, retirement or illness, by using natural elements, we can help the process of releasing and clearing. 

Join Karolee Bulak, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor, on a three day adventure counseling hike with Wildland Trekking Company to rejuvenating Havasu Falls.  All gourmet meals are supplied for and heavy equipment is transported by mules.  All you need to bring is a willingness to release the past and begin a new life journey!


The journey begins the night before the hike with group sharing and individual and group process where you set your intentions and begin the process of going within.

The Path Inward:  First day includes a 10 mile hike deep into the canyon, where you learn how to be fully present, by learning and utilizing a number of mindfulness techniques to help you arrive at your new destination. 

Releasing and Clearing: By using group process and the natural elements of water, you are invited to let the healing powers of water and nature wash away the old energy while cleansing and energizing your soul. With every ending, is a new beginning, so it is necessary to release the past so that new openings can emerge.

A New Path Emerges:  Deep within the canyon walls, lies a sacred place where heart, mind and soul unite. You will discover and identify your blockages.  What is holding you back, grief, resistance or fear?  By identifying and naming the barriers that are preventing you from moving forward, you can experience a magical healing where your soul is set free and transformation begins.

By combining Adventure Therapy and the natural world, you can learn how to be your own inner guide. If you are seeking an adventure with a therapeutic component, this journey is exactly what you are seeking.  Join me in having one of the most powerful and magical experiences of your life!