Peaceful Living in a Turbulent World

As I write this post, I am recovering from the aftermath of witnessing a bad car accident.  As I was traveling to my local cafe to enjoy a peaceful routine of green tea lattes and writing, my morning had already started off on a disturbing foot when I turned on the news to see that overnight six police officers has been shot and ambushed.  Trying to come to terms with the fact that the people that serve and protect us daily, are now being the victims of horrific traumas.  I sent thoughts and prayers to the police officers and their families and thoughts of healing for this country, as the senseless hatred and violence continues to grow.   With a heavy heart, I began my day.

I jumped into my car and was driving into town on a four lane road; Traffic was minimal, until I saw a car speed off across the four lanes of traffice from a side road, smashing violently into the car ahead of me.  I immediately pulled over to the side of the road and ran to the car in the middle of the road to see if anyone was hurt.  A woman sat still and silent in her car with exploded airbags all around her.  I asked her if she was ok and she said, “I think so”, but didn’t move.  The man that had caused the accident was standing outside of his car, calling for police.  Car parts were strewn across four lanes of traffic and fluids were leaking from the woman’s car, flowing silently down the road.

As I waited with the injured woman, I noticed that her arm was bleeding  She complained that her chest hurt.  I told her to sit quietly until the police and ambulance came.  Another man appeared on site and stayed with the woman in the car, so I went across the road to talk to the other man.  I asked him if he was ok.  He said, “If I’m not, then I would want to die.”  I asked him why he would say this.  He went on to explain that he was an ex veteran and had a brain tumor removed.  He then asked me if I could see the dent in his forehead and said that he had, “Most of the tumor removed.”  My heart immediately went out to him, knowing how much he must have suffered.  Then he told me that he had been suffering from depression.  Being a Therapist, I had to ask him if he had ever gotten help with his depression, but he said, “No, I’ve always been afraid of that.”  I felt an enormous sense of sadness knowing that this man was struggling both physically and emotionally and now he had another traumatic incident happen, which would further exacerbate his depression.

The police quickly came and I gave my statement as a witness, still feeling very troubled about the incident.  Before I left, I ran over to the man again and told him that he could get help for his depression and that he didn’t have to carry it alone anymore.  With that, I left, never to know their futures, or what would transpire in their lives, but with an overwhelming sense of not being able to help someone who was deeply in desperatly struggling in life.

We never truly know what others are struggling with in life.  I had a huge reminder of this today.  When you go about your day and pass unfamiliar people, always remember that we all have our own stories, sometimes people have greater problems than we could ever imagine.  Sometimes people hide their troubles and sometimes no one asks them.  Each day we are offered the gift to help someone in need.  Small acts of kindness can even save someone’s life,  even a smile can make someone want to keep living.

Last week I spent five days without television or news, swimming and floating in the Gulf of Mexico.  There was no stress or reports of violence or trauma.  When I returned to the airport, I was quickly reminded of all the hatred and criminal acts spreading across this country.  It saddened my heart and made me want to escape back into my deserted island.  I was much happier not knowing what was going on, but if I don’t know, then I can’t make a positive difference.

What I do know is that there are people out there that suffer from anxiety and depression.  The world we currently live in contributes to these disorders, but if we can personally take one small step each day to create peace both in ourselves and in our communities, then we can make a difference.  It all begins with our choices. I know I can’t tune out the world we live in, but I have to be a part of the solution, by intentionally creating peace in myself and in my world.  Sometimes I’m tempted to join in on the anger and rage that is sweeping across this country, but I have to take a step back and remember, that is not the world I want to live in.

Addictions – Who are you without the addiction?

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Substance Abuse Counselor, I work with people who struggle with addictions in many different areas including; alcohol and drugs, food addiction, internet and gaming addictions, and shopping addictions.  But did you know that you can also become addicted to being angry, or having never ending drama and conflict?

Addictive behaviors are often learned in childhood and can be carried through to adult life, often leaving people with no realization that they are living in an “angry” state or are having ongoing drama, but there are people who recongize their addictions, yet struggle to end or stop the addictive behavior, which can last years or even a lifetime.

Whatever the addiction is or the addictive behavior, I often ask, Who would you be without the addiction?  What would your life be like?  People often adapt or create addictive behaviors out of some kind of loss or trauma.  The addictive behavior helps them cope in the beginning, but eventually becomes a negative force or destructive pattern in later life.

Recently I met with a client, a man who’s marriage of 27 years had ended.  He was dealing with the loss of his marriage and break up of his family unit by drinking; but it turns out that he had been drinking most of his life.  It was sad to witness his despair and depression, but he was reminded that at this pivotal point in his life, he needed to make a choice.  He could continue in his addiction, which had already resulted in the loss of his wife and family, or he could face the pain, and with help and guidance, learn how to heal.

Often times people struggle with letting go of their addictions.  When ending an addictive behavior, grief and loss can be experienced because the addictive behavior has helped to temporarily numb the pain, prevented feelings or emotions to be felt, and blocked out painful events, but avoiding to end the addiction, only results in further depression,  more issues or problems, and the greatest tragedy of all, addiction leads to loss of self.

Whatever your addiction, I can help you to reclaim yourself and your life.

Who are you without the addiction?

Career Coaching – Changing Directions

Are you happy to wake up in the morning and go to work?  Do you look forward to your day? Or, have you noticed a restlessness that leaves you feeling like you are on the wrong path?  Have you gotten a degree or training in a specific area and no longer feel fulfilled in that line of work?

Often times we start out on one path and than realize that we are not happy or fulfilled, yet we are fearful of changing directions.  By releasing the fear of change, you open up space to explore your true authentic desires and passions.  Changing careers doesn’t have to be difficult or scary.  Sometimes we may have to sacrifice when we make changes, but the rewards that we gain, pay off in more ways than we could ever imagine, often resulting in personal and professional success.

One of my passions is to help people explore their personal and professional goals, and to identify the necessary steps that are needed to create a new career that better suits their body, mind and spirit.  It’s never to late to change career direction.

What step do you need to take today?  Please contact me with any questions or schedule an appointment (You will be taking your first step!)

Crap, Crud and Clutter

Is your house filled with crap?  Is your mind full of clutter?  Do you feel that your life is cruddy?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.  Most of us fill our lives and homes with crap, crud and clutter.  The more “crap” we accumulate, the more cluttered our minds become, because we have to figure out how to pay for the crap we collect, then we have to worry about it getting damaged or broken, and finally we have to orgnaize and store the clutter.

Typically the more money we make, the more we spend, often resulting in an endless cycle of debt, despair or depression.  Sometimes we buy or collect excessively to fill “the hole in our sole”, trying to make ourselves feel better, but what often happens is that we find ourselves feeling more unhappy and surrounded by a pile of stuff which causes more stress.

I often help people identify reasons why they accumulate things and help them learn how to release both the material and mental clutter in their minds, creating space for a balanced, healtheir life.

If you find yourself struggling with to much mental clutter (anxiety), or find your life feeling out of control or out of balance, please contact me.  Together we can clear the path to a clearer mind, peaceful home and tranquil life.

Taking a New Path

When is it time to step off of your old path and onto a new one?  Do you recognize the signs?  Usually it begins with an internal restlessness that something needs to change.  You no longer feel fulfilled with your career, your relationship has become lifeless and mundane, and you find yourself thinking of greener pastures.

Change can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you listen to your own inner voice.  Sometimes it’s helpful to have a professional guide to help you find clarity and direction to begin a new path, and sometimes we need help saying goodbye to the old path although it has served us in the the past, the pathway has become unbearable to walk on.

In life, we often take  many pathways or trails, but sometimes the old worn out path can lead us to new wonderful trails that are full of beginnings and new opportunities.  If you currently find yourself struggling on your path and want help, support or guidance to your next step, please contact me.  Together we can explore the possibilities!

The Journey Within

For those of us who love to travel, the world is full of mystery and intrigue.  By exploring and discovering new and foreign lands, we also discover hidden or lost parts of ourselves.

Have you journeyed within lately?  The biggest journey we will ever take in this world, is to travel within and to authentically find out who we are.  This journey will take us on many paths, both locally and abroad, and it will include numerous people, some will help make our journey lighter and happier, and others will make your journey more difficult.

This journey is varied and individual, one for the authentic soul traveler, one that cannot always be shared, but its our journey to take.

“Wherever you go, there you are.”

Your Life is a Scared Journey

 “Your life is a sacred journey. And it is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous challenges at every step along the way. You are on the path… exactly where you are meant to be right now… And from here, you can only go forward, shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love.”   Caroline Adams

Finding the Voice Within

Journey through the Healing Labyrinth

Join Karolee, the creator of the Healing Labyrinth, as you learn how to walk your own sacred path.  Labyrinth’s are symbolic of your life’s journey and together you will work through the various paths you have taken in life, as well as exploring new and/or future paths that you will take.

You will be guided to walk and go within, connecting to your inner self to bring wisdom and guidance back out into the world with you, as you continue your journey through life.

Guided walks are personal, but can also include the following self exploration if desired:

  1. The Journey of Life
  2. Grief, Loss and Letting Go
  3. Celebration of Life


Life Transitions

During Times of Transitions

Life is always bringing us challenges.  It’s during these difficult times that we can either avoid facing painful emotions, or we can go within, and with help and guidance, find inspiration in the darkest of times.

Through my own personal experiences, as well as my experience as a Licensed professional Counselor and Substance Abuse Counselor, I am passionate about helping people move through life challenges and transitions.  Life will present us with opportunities to say goodbye, to stop old negative patterns, to release past trauma and pain.

Endings always offer new beginnings.  “Without rain, there would be no rainbows”.


Adventure Travels

Hiking to a New You!

 2015-04-20 17.18.10

April, 2018

This adventure workshop addresses change and transition while hiking through beautiful Havasu Falls. Often during times of life transitions, whether it’s through grief and loss, divorce, career change, retirement or illness, by using natural elements, we can help the process of releasing and clearing. 

Join Karolee Bulak, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor, on a three day adventure counseling hike with Wildland Trekking Company to rejuvenating Havasu Falls.  All gourmet meals are supplied for and heavy equipment is transported by mules.  All you need to bring is a willingness to release the past and begin a new life journey!


The journey begins the night before the hike with group sharing and individual and group process where you set your intentions and begin the process of going within.

The Path Inward:  First day includes a 10 mile hike deep into the canyon, where you learn how to be fully present, by learning and utilizing a number of mindfulness techniques to help you arrive at your new destination. 

Releasing and Clearing: By using group process and the natural elements of water, you are invited to let the healing powers of water and nature wash away the old energy while cleansing and energizing your soul. With every ending, is a new beginning, so it is necessary to release the past so that new openings can emerge.

A New Path Emerges:  Deep within the canyon walls, lies a sacred place where heart, mind and soul unite. You will discover and identify your blockages.  What is holding you back, grief, resistance or fear?  By identifying and naming the barriers that are preventing you from moving forward, you can experience a magical healing where your soul is set free and transformation begins.

By combining Adventure Therapy and the natural world, you can learn how to be your own inner guide. If you are seeking an adventure with a therapeutic component, this journey is exactly what you are seeking.  Join me in having one of the most powerful and magical experiences of your life!