Leadership Potential

Anyone can be a leader, but being an exceptional leader requires specific characteristics including:

Excellent communications skills

Being a good listener

Is personable and approachable

Has Emotional Intelligence

Inspires others to perform to the best of their ability

Has a positive attitude

Validates every employee no matter what their position

Has good time management skills

Believes in creating a happy and healthy work environment

Has a good sense of humor

Has healthy boundaries and keeps a positive work/life balance

Is never to busy to talk to employees about problems or grievances

Change your Life!

Make this year different!

What areas of your life do you need to change or release? What do you need to say goodbye to in order to reach your goals?  Are you willing to let go?  Are you willing to take the necessary steps to create a more fulfilling life?  If not, what is stopping you?  How do you create the changes you want?

I can assist you in identifying your strengths as well as identifying the blockages that have prevented you from moving forward in the past while supporting you as you take the necessary steps needed to reach your highest potential!



Happiness Cake! – Inspirational Book

Introducing my newest publication, a compilation of original artwork and inspirational messages. When life gets difficult, slice yourself a piece of inner happiness!

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The Dirty Cloud Maker

“The Dirty Cloud Maker” is my latest inspirational book, that can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle, and in bookstores near you!

The Dirty Cloud Maker, is an inspirational story about a lonely troubled character, who turns his negative bad thoughts into dark dirty clouds and sends them out into the universe where they negatively affect others.

Journey with the Dirty Cloud Maker as he transforms his dark and miserable world, into a positive, joy-filled, happy life.

The Dirty Cloud Maker is a reminder of the power of choices, and how each choice either brings us closer to happiness or deeper in despair.

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The Dirty Cloud Maker


Seven Days in the Salt Spa

Halo is a Greek word for salt.  Halotherapy is known as salt therapy, and salt has been known to be an ancient healer for centuries.

Pure sea salt, both Dead Sea, and Himalayan contain 84 trace elements that are found in the human body.  Negative charged ions in salt improve both our health and our mood.  Other health benefits include reduced stress, reduction in headaches, increased energy, and improved sleep.

I recently spent seven consecutive days in Qi Gardens Salt Spa at the Wellness Spa in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  As I entered the spa, an amber glow warmed my soul as I noticed that the walls, windows, ceiling, and floor were all covered in salt, creating a beautiful cocoon that shut out daily life.

As I began the week’s seven sessions, I decided to set seven different intentions for each day.  These include:

Day 1:  Resistance

I had to fight the urge to resist becoming still both physically and mentally. Being on the move constantly, I struggled to let go.

Day 2:  Surrender

I had to fight the ongoing thoughts in my mind and come to a place of surrender.  By focusing on my breathing, I was able to let go of my thoughts.  I began to focus on being fully present instead of thinking about work or family.  I recognized that if I didn’t change my thoughts, I may as well be somewhere else.  I had to surrender to be in the here and now, and in that space, I was in a beautiful place of healing.

Day 3:  Releasing Negativity

On day three, I allowed the salt to dissolve all of my stress, as it purified my body, mind, and soul.

Day 4:  Play

I decided to have fun and play in the salt.  The room included a large saltbox, similar to a sandbox, in which I was able to play, bury myself and explore like a child again.

Day 5: Mindful Breathing

My intention was to breathe fully and deeply.  Shallow breathing and unconscious breathing is natural.  I focused on being mindful of my breath and realized how important this is to create more energy in my body, releasing stress and tension from every cell.

Day 6: Connection

Today I decided that I would connect with other people who were also sharing the experience with me.  I was able to meet others, listening to why they were also exploring the salt spa and made connections, which enriched the experience for me, as several other sessions had been a solo experience.

Day 7: Recharge

My last day was filled with apprehension as my seven days in the salt spa had come to an end.  I had learned how to reconnect with my body and breath again.  I left the salt spa feeling recharged with new energy, having been recharged mentally, emotionally and physically.

If you are looking for a new experience, check out your local salt spa, and emerge yourself in a salty experience that cleanses your body, mind, and soul.

Half Hour Happiness

Let’s admit it, we all have them, bad days…

There are everyday bad days, like getting a flat tire or misplacing car keys, and then there are really bad days, like losing your job, breaking up with your partner, or getting ill.

So how do you survive a bad day and turn it around?  Think in short-term intervals; what can you do in the moment to lift your spirits or make yourself feel better?  Not that it will change the situation, but it can lighten your mood for a few minutes.

Here are some suggestions:

Recognize that although something bad has happened, you can shift the energy and look at what you have to be grateful for.

Practice 30 minutes of laughter yoga.  It’s scientifically proven that even fake laughter is as beneficial as real laughter.  Your body doesn’t know the difference!

Tell someone you’re having a bad day.  Sometimes just venting for a few minutes releases the crud and makes you feel better.  What’s important is that after you verbalize your feelings, that you don’ linger in the negativity.  Release and move on!

Everyone has bad days, helping someone else always feels good!

Play with your cat or dog.  Animals love to play and it’s a wonderful way to release and have fun.

By choosing to focus on something positive, you lift yourself out of the negativity and give yourself loving kindness, which is what you really need when you’re having a bad day.

The Art of Story Telling

In Marrakech, Morocco, the art of ” hikayat”, or storytelling is an ancient art that has been practiced for over 1000 years.  Professional storytellers will gather in the town square and tell tales of different life scenarios through fables and folklore.

We all have our own personal stories that we tell the world, and sometimes these stories are positive and sometimes they are negative.  Sometimes we get stuck in playing certain roles that are not truly authentic to who we are.  Our stories often begin at birth and are carried throughout our lifetime.  Sometimes the roles we play include our positive traits and strengths, and other times the roles become heavy, stagnant, and conditioned over time.

Sometimes our life stories celebrate the person we are, and other times the story causes pain and suffering.  Whatever your life story, you can always change it.  You can create a new story of success, love, leadership, or adventure.

What story is calling out to you?  Are there roles in life that you need to step into?  Are there roles that are old and outdated that need to end? Our life stories will change throughout our lives and can be as diverse as we are.

What story are you telling?  Is it authentic to who you really are?  If you don’t feel that your life story has served you well, then its time to create a new story, one that includes your passions, your strengths, and celebrates the authentic you.

Chicken Therapy

Have you hugged your chicken today?

Most people are familiar with Equine Therapy, and understand the healing abilities of horses, but have you ever heard of Chicken Therapy?

I recently met a couple who has eleven pet chickens.  The chickens were a variety of colors and breeds and all had their own pet names.  According to Heidi, the owner, she said that they all have distinct personalities and similar to people, they have their own pecking order.  Some chickens get bullied, while others are more dominant and take the lead role, while others are more curious, playful or adventurous.

Having experienced a stressful weekend, I asked if I could hold one of the chickens and was handed a beautiful golden brown one.  As I held the soft quiet clucking chicken in my arms, I felt an immediate sense of peace and calm, which lead to a conversation about how the chickens, like therapy horses, or other therapy animals, are helpful for a variety of mental health issue including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and dementia.  I later did some research and found out that Chicken Therapy is not commonly known, but it exists, and research shows that chickens make great therapy animals.

For animal lovers, we all know that our pets make us feel better on rough days, they sit on our laps, lick our faces and cuddle with us when we feel sad.  They calm us down when we feel angry and rejoice in our excitement on good days.  There is no question that animals are healing and very therapeutic.

Next time you’re having a rough day, feeling, sad, anxious or frustrated – Try some Chicken Therapy!

Life is a Mutable Cloud

At different times in our lives, we will truly be tested.  It is during these times that we can either live in a place of fear and anxiety or we can learn to surrender to the winds of change.

We live in turbulent times, the world around us no longer feels safe or secure.  We have our own personal and familial struggles, and then there are those that affect our nation, our world, and our universe.

It is during these times of challenges that we need to surrender to what we cannot control.  We have to ride the waves of uncertainty.  When you experience your external world as a hurricane, you can always create an internal place of stillness and peace.  When the storm appears to be growing in speed and intensity, retreat to your inner world of meditation and stillness.

Don’t let the winds blow you off course, root yourself in your own inner world.  If you do not have a place of inner peace and stillness, build one today.  The tools are already there and if you need help, reach out to others.

“Nature is a mutable cloud which is always and never the same.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Peaceful Living in a Turbulent World

Living peaceful in a turbulent world means taking responsibility for our own reactions to stressful or difficult situations or events.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I teach clients that we cannot control other people or what happens in life at times, but we can always choose how we react.

During this stressful time where anger and violence sweeps across our nation, remember that you have choices.  You can either join in the anger, draining your own personal energy, or you can choose the path of peace to counteract the negativity.

Remember that each day we are given the gift of life.  We can choose to use our energy in a way that either creates peace, or contributes to anger or violence.

You when feel drawn or pulled into violent new stories or situations, take a breath.  Breath deeply and make the choice to live in peace.  If you can redirect your energy, you can live a life of balance.

Today take one step to bring more peace into your life:

Learn a breathing technique

Take three minutes to sit quietly

Smile at someone

Sometimes the smallest or simplest act, can bring about the biggest changes.